1. Forms of investment
  • Investment in establishment of a business organization (details).
  • Making investment by contributing capital, buying shares, or buying capital contributions of business organizations (details).
  • Investment under PPP contracts (details).
  • Investment under business cooperation contracts (details).
  1. Line of business

Investors are entitled to make investments in the business lines those are not banned in the Law on Investment No. 67/2014/QH13.

Banned business lines are specified in Article 6 Law on Investment No. 67/2014/QH13 (details)

Law on Investment No. 67/2014/QH13 regulates the Lists of  267 conditional business lines generally applied  to domestic investors and foreign investors (details).

Foreign investors shall be eligible for being governed by not only the Vietnamese Law but also by bilateral and multilateral agreements that Vietnam signs with other nations and territories; thus in order to facilitate foreign investors to enter the market, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has publicised the list of investment conditions that foreign investors must meet when doing business in Vietnam (details)

  1. Durations of investment projects

- The duration of an investment project in outside industrial zones, Da Nang hi-tech park shall not be longer than 50 years.

- The duration of a project in Hoang Sa Islands, Da Nang hi-tech park or a project with slow rate of capital recovery may be longer but not extending 70 years.

4. Investment Incentives

Investment incentives are applied for new investment projects and expanded ones. The specific rates are regulated by Law on Tax and Law on Land.

The entities eligible for investment incentives:

  1. Investment projects in business lines eligible for investment incentives or special investment incentives (details)
  2. Investment projects in hi-tech park and Hoang Sa Islands.
  3. Any investment project whose capital is VND 6,000 billion or over, at least VND 6,000 billion is disbursed within 03 years from the issuance date of the Investment Registration Certificate or the decision on investment policies (if the project is not required to obtain an Investment Registration Certificate)
  4. Any investment project in a rural area which employs 500 workers or more (not including part-time workers and workers whose employment contracts are shorter than 12 months)
  5. High technology enterprises, science and technology enterprises, science and technology organizations defined by regulations of law on high technology, science and technology.

5. Performance security

The investor must pay a deposit when receiving land, leasing land, or permitted to repurpose land by the State to execute the investment project.

The deposit mentioned in Clause 1 of this Article shall be paid under a written agreement between the investment registration authority and the investor after a decision on investment policies is issued and before the time of land transfer, land lease, or land repurposing. If the investment project is not required to have a decision on investment policies, the time for paying the deposit is the time of land transfer, land lease, or land repurposing

Detailed guidance on escrow

6. The power to receive applications, issue, adjust, and revoke Investment Registration Certificates

  • Foreign investment projects implemented outside the IZs; projects implemented in and outside the IZs and hi-tech park contemporarily: Danang Department of Planning and Investment.
  • Foreign investment projects implemented inside the IZs: Danang Industrial and Processing Zone Management Board.
  • Foreign investment projects implemented inside the Hi-tech Park: Management Board of Danang Hi-tech Park.
  1. Reporting period of investment authorities

- Monthly reports on use of capital: If capital is provided during the month, the business organization must submit a report within 12 days from the end of that month (Form 1).

- Each quarterly report shall be submitted by the 12th of the first month of the quarter succeeding the reported quarter (Form 2)

- Each annual report shall be submitted by March 31 of the next year (Form 3)

8. Language of application for investment registration

-  The language of the application for investment registration, documents, and reports submitted to a competent authority shall be Vietnamese.

-  If the application has a document in a foreign language, the investor must enclose a valid Vietnamese translation to such document.

-  The investor is responsible for any discrepancy between the translation or copy and the original, and between the copy in Vietnamese version and foreign language version.

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